Rich, Happy & Hot Product Launch Marketing

This episode of the Product Launch Mastery Podcast was one I was super excited about.

I have been a follower of these two ladies for quite a while now so to actually have them on my little ol’ podcast was awesome.

Marie Forleo is a dancer, published author and hugely successful entrepreneur who works with women entrepreneurs to get them living rich, happy and hot.

Laura Roeder teaches small businesses how to create their own fame and claim their brand online.

The reason I wanted to speak to these ladies is that they have teamed up to create the Rich, Happy & Hot B-School (non-affiliate link).

I didn’t want to talk to them about the product itself (I have not seen the product though if their past offerings are anything to go by, it has to be fabulous), what I really wanted to talk with them about is their launch marketing!

While still using a strategy and formula that works, they injected their own personalities, enthusiasm and authenticity into their launch sequence.

Which is something that is rarely seen these days.

That is why I wanted to get these ladies on the line. To share with you how vital, but easy it is to use a proven product launch strategy, but make it your own.

Did you see their videos? what were your thoughts on them?

Planning & Executing A Launch Made Easy

As a product launch consultant I often find myself buried under mind maps, process maps and notes written on scraps of paper and napkins.

This is because I have yet to find one solution that works best for me when it comes to implementing a product launch marketing strategy.

But maybe I have now found one?!

Rick Braddy of Winning Ware has developed the “Winning Ware Quick Launch” software.

This is a piece of software that you can follow step-by-step, that tells you “do this, now do this, then do this”, that walks you through an entire launch sequence.

I have yet to test the software (which you can check out here, and get a free 7 day trial) however Rick tells me that it will keep me more organised and in control and make life simpler and easier.

I’m definitely interested in something that can do that!

Have you used the Quick Launch software?

Trump Knows The Power Of A Product Launch

Want to do $729 million in one day?

This video shows Ivanka Trump describing how they managed such a feat.

What she describes is a one year pre-launch process where they slowly released information about the new building .

Building up anticipation and interest with feeder stories and talking about the level of demand and interest that built up the social proof and scarcity.

So come launch day they could have sold the building 4 times over.

Steve Chazin on Marketing Apple

I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to talk to a former marketing executive of Apple.

Even if it meant coming home early from the pub on a Friday night due to the time difference.

Steve Chazin of spent a number of years at Apple and was one of the brains behind getting Apple back from the brink of bankruptcy in the 90’s.

He has written a fabulous ebook about how to market like Apple which you can download from his site.

In this episode of the Product Launch Marketing Podcast he goes into depth on some of the ideas and marketing strategies that makes Apple the legendary company it is today.

(Toward the end the audio drops out a little but you still hear the Apple goodness)

James Schramko Talks Launching An Offline Business

Holy crap Batman

If someone doesn’t take what is given in this episode and make money with it I will throw myself off a gutter (I’m afraid of heights).

If I sound a bit nervous on this episode. It’s probably because I was. James is one super intelligent guy and quite frankly I was intimidated before talking to him. But I learned pretty quickly that he’s actually a nice Aussie bloke.

James Schramko of and the Fast Web Formula seminars gives the exact step-by-step blueprint of how he made millions of dollars in one weekend doing a launch in an offline business.

Think you can’t do a launch with an offline business? here’s proof that it can be done.

Todd Brown, Joint Ventures, Desire and Why

Wow what a fantastic episode of the Product Launch Marketing Podcast!

Todd Brown of gives so much actionable information that I should charge for this one.

He discusses how to build valuable joint venture relationships, how to create desire and excitement and the importance of the reason why.

Michelle MacPhearson on Video, Surveys and Relationship Building

On this episode of the Product Launch Mastery I chat with the lovely Michelle MacPhearson of

Michelle has had great success with Product Launches over the years, her first launch was so successful that she created a business from it.

Her latest launch of Crowd Mountain showed how she has grown and adapted new techniques while still staying true to the basic strategy.

We discuss how and why to use video in a launch, the use of surveys and building a relationship with your list.

Product Launch Marketing Podcast – John Gallagher

This podcast was so much fun!

Not only does John Gallagher of tell you exactly how he gets an email open rate of 40% he also shares his experience of keeping things simple and authentic. And we have a lot of laughs :)

So if you don’t like to hear people having fun, don’t listen to this podcast!

Market Your Product Like Apple (you know, that little tech company)

What do you think is the reason for the success of Apple?

Is it their products?

Or, is it their marketing?

You might be surprised to know that a lot of their success is due to their brilliant strategy for marketing their products.

If you had the chance, would you like to learn their strategies?

Steve Chazin, a former employee of Apple, has put together a free ebook that gives you 5 of Apple’s most powerful marketing ideas.

You can download it here:

Don’t be daft and think it has no relevance to your product or service.

It does. And if you don’t read it and apply the lessons you’re missing out on something phenomenal.